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Glimpse the Living God.

Location: Virginia, United States

Saturday, January 28, 2006


In space
Outer space
My space
This space
Extra space
Minimal space
No space

I am in a space that is currently being shared by a variety of people. The barista is about 17 and all alone on this busy Saturday. He slowly makes each drink to order – taking his time to get it exactly right. I wonder if he would like to join the group to my left who is playing a card game. He pauses in clearing away empty cups to watch them for a moment. Does he know them? Does he wish he did? Is he sad to be at work when the rest of the world is enjoying the beautiful sunny day? There is another laptop in front of me with a man attached to it by white iPod earphones. I wonder what he’s doing… Playing a game? Writing a program? Preparing for a presentation? On his way back to the counter, the barista stops to chat with him. Do they know each other? The man appears pleased to show the barista what he’s working on. They share words and smiles. Does anyone in this space wonder what I’m doing? Do they even notice that I’m here? Does it matter to them? Does it matter to me? I feel like I’m hiding. Connected to my own laptop by earphones, I sit here listening to Superchic(k) while I write. Even in public, I have created my own space. I sense the presence of others, but I feel all alone in my head. It is a delicious sensation. I am so cozy and comfy here in the space that I created. What if someone wanted to come into my little world? What if they just showed up in here one day? Would I introduce myself? Would I make them feel at home, or would I kick them out? Would I panic and run away? What should I do? Are people entitled to my space? Can’t I just have something that’s mine without sharing? What if barista came over here and wondered what I’m doing? Would I tell him? Would I shoo him away as if he were a nasty fly trying to get into my coffee?


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