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Friday, August 26, 2005

Once Upon A Time...

My soul woke up. And, here's what happened:

I began to breathe in God
The Bible became a lifeline
I started listening to others, and I wasn't afraid to hear a different opinion
I could see with new eyes
Abundandt life became real

I realized that Jesus is not a figure on a shelf. He is living, breathing, and close. The Holy Spirit, who had been tied up and gagged in a corner of my heart was now free. There was a paradigm shift where what was once impossible, now became possible. I could feel Heaven when I touched it in prayer. I began to be led by Spirit rather than should or thought. Every human mattered. I was untouchable by this world. I no longer felt the need to try to act "normal". I didn't care what people thought about me. I had insight to pray for everyone I saw. I felt the power of God flowing through me so strongly that I probably could have healed someone if they touched me.

The spiritualness that had frightened me, I now embraced and sought to know more and more. The Lord is spiritual, has made me spiritual. My soul is connected to God and to Heaven and to the Holy Spirit and to Jesus.

I discovered that Jesus is the lover of my soul and that this world has nothing to offer me.
My heart began to love - truly love
the sunshine
my hubby
my family
my kitty
my blessings
the feel of grass on my naked feet
the Bible
God Himself
I felt more connected to the body of Christ than ever before.
My soul is waking up more each day. Waking up to the fact that:
God can fix it
He hears me and He cares
My Daddy doesn't let me walk more than one step away from His loving arms.
My soul woke up to believing for the very first time that I have a choice. I don't have to do or be anything that anyone else expects me to do or be. I have been given free will by the God of the universe. Lord, please help my priorities to be in line with Your will. I choose You, Lord.


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