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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Walking the Desert

Though I am still reading one book of the Bible a month, I have not been doing a great job of it. I have been choosing other things instead of studying God's word. Then I'm all, "Well I don't want to be legalistic" So I do a little too much living under grace and not enough obedience. Wait, can you live too much under grace?

Anyway, my first thought about Deuteronomy (September's Book) was that it's a book of second chances. Once again, God's people stand at the threshold of the promised land. Once again, they have a choice. Will they trust God and take the land this time, or will they choose fear like their parents did?

I woke up this morning, so that means that I have another chance too (not sure what number I'm on). Another chance to choose God time instead of Facebook. Another chance to choose peace instead of crazy. Another chance to show grace instead of judgement. Thank you God for one more chance.

This evening as I cleaned up one more milk spill from a one-year-old who would rather fling her cup then set it down on her tray, I felt the desert all around me. One milk spill cleaned, but so many more milk splatters on the chair and table legs. If only I had a half hour to get some nice sudsy water and scrub. The futility of the task sucks the last shred of hope out of my being. I am in the desert, of endless spills, sibling rivalry on many many levels. Meals. Oh the meals and snacks. It's always time for someone to eat! Clean up the toys, laundry, is anyone listening? Repeating myself, hating the sound of my own voice.

My promised land: I don't even know. One of my three precious children will already be joining me in heaven, thank You Jesus! That is everything to me. However, her character, while appropriate for a 5-year-old, needs some serious work. So, are we there yet or what?

One thing I do know - God provided for His people every single step of the way in that desert. He never left them on their own. His presence was there, he gave them food, drink, and rest.

My prayer, Lord is that you guide me, make me strong enough, and give me the faith to take my promised land when I reach it.

Reading Joshua in October.


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