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Thursday, April 14, 2016

If You Give a Mom a Minute

The following is based on my actual life and is written in the style of Laura Numeroff . We love you Laura!

If you give a Mom a minute, she will probably make herself a cup of tea. While she waits for the tea, she will notice that the kitchen is a mess. She will start cleaning.

As she's clearing the clutter off of the counter, she'll see her essential oils, make a couple of new roller bottles and refresh the old ones. This will remind her that some of the oil vials on her keychain are empty.

She will retrieve her purse to search for the vials and discover that it is a complete disaster! So, she'll dump the entire contents onto the kitchen counter - good thing she cleared some space!

She will trash all of the 'kids meal' toys that she's been stockpiling - taking care to stuff them down deep into the trash can so little eyeballs can not find them.

Once her things are sorted and organized, she will be left with a pile of change on the counter. The coins will be encrusted with various crumbs and sticky substances so she will wash them thoroughly and dry them -  with a towel.

Seeing the towel will remind her about the dishes that she washed that morning. So, she'll put those away real quickly.

She will then fill her oil vials, place them into her purse, and wipe down all the counters in the kitchen. Then, she will want to sweep. So, she'll need a broom.

She will open the laundry room door to get the broom only to notice that she forgot the clothes in the washer! She will move the clothes to the dryer and start another load. Taking out the broom, she will sweep the kitchen, which will lead her to the hardwood, which will lead to the bathroom.

While she's in the bathroom, she will take a baby wipe and just give the sink a swipe, she may even wash the toilet too. She will throw the wipe away, wash her hands, then notice that there are little tiny clothes behind the bathroom door. She will pick up the clothes and walk back toward the laundry room. On the way, she will acquire random socks, and a towel left in the living room.

Upon entering the living room, she will decide that it won't take long to tidy up. So, she'll make a pile of laundry, fold up the lap blankets, and return the books and games to their proper shelves.

Once the dirty clothes have been deposited into the laundry room, she will wander out into the kitchen where she'll notice her tea cup and decide to boil water for tea.

And, chances are, if she has a cup of tea, she's going to need a minute to go with it.